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Michigan Martial Arts Academy

Michigan Martial Arts Academy now makes training more convenient than ever.  You don't have to travel across town to make it to class.  You just have to answer your front door!
Scheduling is done when it is convenient for YOU to train.

Do you prefer to train before you go to work? Perhaps you work an odd shift and need to train other than in the evenings?  Michigan Martial Arts Academy has got you covered.  Just call today and we can start your training to fit your schedule.

Michigan Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to providing an overall training experience that allows the student to excel.  Each student develops confidence, awareness skills and proper techniques to avoid conflict.

Training that includes, punching, kicking, blocking, ground fighting, and defending against persons with weapons.

The combination of discipline, technique and fitness training allows the student to develop their body, mind and character so they will be prepared for the challenges of the real world.

The in-home training experience gives all the benefits of a personal trainer to the most important skills a person can attain, their own personal safety!

By developing the body and mind a student is more confident, stronger and safer! 
Elite training in the convenience of your own home!

Within no time at all you will notice dramatic changes.
Don't wait to start your training

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