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Michigan Martial Arts Academy

This is going to change your life!

It doesn’t matter if you came here because of wanting to learn to defend yourself, or to get in shape, or just for fun (or one of the many other reasons, like flexibility, strength, coordination, discipline, confidence, stress relief, etc)…

we welcome you to our Karate Family

I hope you are ready to get addicted to your training. You can escape into “our world” and just work on yourself. One of the greatest things about taking martial arts is that you start getting into the habit of making small, but very positive changes EVERY DAY!

Within no time at all you will notice dramatic changes.
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We found a way to make this really easy!

Your training is going to be exciting. If you’re not in shape right now, don’t worry. It usually takes no more than two to three months before your body adapts to all the exercises. Until then, just do what you can, and we promise we won’t yell at you.

Your coordination is going to improve very fast, every time you train you will do basics (some you will have to go over slowly at first), and techniques (several basics put together in proper order).

Want to be able to impress your friends?

Your stamina and strength is going to develop quickly. Your reaction speed, your balance, flexibility will skyrocket and really your whole attitude is going to have new spirit!

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